When you are dealing with pediatric care it basically refers to how general or specialist medical practitioners are treating usually young children. And so it therefore goes that the pediatric dentist near me pomona is looking after our young children as well. She is looking after our young children’s oral and dental needs even since before any of their teeth showed up. Before any of their teeth showed up?

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You must be wondering. How is this even possible? What would be the point of pediatric dental care when there are no teeth to examine or care for? Well, at the earliest possible opportunity, the good mother takes her young child, out of infancy and into the toddler years, to the dentist for regular dental exams, just as would have been the case for older children as well as adults. The recommendation has always been for at least two visits to the dentist every year.

And it’s a toddler we’re talking about, see how quickly she grows. During the first exam, the pediatric dentist will be looking at the child’s gums. These need to be healthy and strong in any case, preparing the way for the child’s first teeth to show up. And by the time the good mother has taken her child for the next dental exam, the pediatric dentist will be examining the new teeth. At this stage, there should be little concern about tooth decay.

Because at this stage of the child’s life, she is still consuming soft baby food. And such customary food has no negative implications for a young child’s still-fragile teeth. But has it happened? Unfortunately, there are still those parents who have introduced their young toddlers to extremely unhealthy dietary habits that will bring early tooth decay.