If you stumbled upon this article, then you are probably facing the potential prospect of having a tooth pulled. There are many reasons for having a tooth pulled, but regardless of why you may need a tooth extraction, it’s never a pleasant process to undergo. To help you get through it, we have listed a few benefits to make you feel less scared about the situation.

Having a tooth extracted is usually the last resort, and as scary it sounds, it will give you advantages that will help you retain your teeth as well as maintain overall good oral health into the future. Every smile is precious, and dentists do their best to help patients retain a healthy smile. 

1.  Prevention of more issues

You don’t want the rest of your teeth to suffer from decay and pain due to one tooth. Therefore, one of the many reasons your dentist may advise you to have a tooth extracted is to prevent the decay and damage to other teeth. This is very important if you seek pain-free gums, the ability to eat the foods you want, and want to keep a healthy looking smile.

2.  Eliminate teeth overcrowding

Overcrowded teeth mean crooked teeth, overlapping each other due to lack of space, causing misalignment and tooth decay. After the dentist’s recommendation, you may get your tooth extracted to make room for your teeth to grow straight and not crooked or overlap each other.

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3.  Relieves pain

The process of tooth extraction may be painful for some people after the effects of local anesthesia start fading. But, beyond the pain and suffering, this process relieves you from forthcoming pain and suffering. Thanks to your expert tooth extraction near me richmond dentist, you will be able to smile ear to ear without any worries.