Welcome to the 21st century, by the way. The kids usually text BTW, but how are you to know? As far as you’re concerned, it’s still a foreign language anyhow and you’re just so old school. No need to let yourself down about this because, more than likely, you still have one or two things that they don’t have. Like soft skills, for instance. Can’t do direct money transfers, say from one country to another? Not a problem.

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Because you could lean on direct mail services near me to get that right. And if they don’t have the facilities set up for this, maybe they’re not even allowed to do this, someone there must know how. Smart guys over there. They’re just so up to date with modern technologies. But not you. No need to shoot yourself in the foot about this. Because it’s not nearly as close to a lost opportunity at all. Who doesn’t want to do this these days?

And you’re probably finding that you’re amongst the many that simply have to do this in order to make ends meet. There’s money to be made out there. And yes; you too can set up your own business. But you need to make it known. Also, you need to remain as low-budget as possible for now. So, because you still have to advertise your business, you could still go the direct mail route. It’s not necessarily the cheapest shot.

But it should be budget-friendly anyhow. And then down the line, when you’re starting to make those ends meet again, you could talk to these same guys about a better way to advertise your products and services. Like digital and/or online print advertising, for instance. But what’s that then?